Sims 4 CAS Demo



After playing around with the Sims 4 CAS Demo I have decided something we have all known all along.  Making Sims is fun!


For my first Sim I thought I should make Edamame the founder of The Food Family Legacy.


This is the random Sim I started with.  I think she looks like she belongs in Whoville.  The Sims 4 is supposed to have a smart wardrobe feature.  I can’t remember what it was called, basically the auto generated clothing should look much better than they have in the past.  This Sim is wearing an auto generated outfit, you be the judge.


As you can see from this picture I had some issues getting screen captures, so I have a limited number of pictures.  For Edamame I chose the traits: Materialistic (because she is), Snob (self-explanatory) and Romantic because Snake or Desperate or some other word for a woman that traps a man into marriage.  I also chose Masion Baron because she must have the biggest and best.  She doesn’t keep up with the Joneses; the Joneses keep up with her.


After her personality was out of the way I decided that she would want me to make sure that her body was next.  You know how important that is to her.  Can you believe she blinked in this picture.  The absolute NERVE!


Then her outfit.  Those are not the shoes she ended up with, the picture did not work out.  So far so good.  Even with the limiting clothing options I was able to get her look close enough.  By limiting I mean customizable. 


Next it was time to edit her face.  Here is a shot of the original.


Next I made her bald and chose the face shape that was closest to Edamame’s.  This may end up being the new Face One.  Oh wait, no story progression…  *sad face*


Side view of original Edamame.


Side view before editing.


So I narrowed and lengthened the chin a bit.  Again with the blinking! 


Then I went in and tweaked the nose.  Edamame has always wanted someone in the family to have plastic surgery.


I wasn’t really happy with the eye color options, but I had to choose one.  I added lipstick and blush and changed her eye shape.


I would like to know what this is and why someone thought to put neon green on the waterline.


This is better, but not exactly what I wanted.  I was hoping for a smoky eye without the green.  If I could have lightened the liner a bit I may have been happier.


Then I chose her hair.  This hair is the closest I could find.


This is the side view.


What do you think?

I had so much fun making Edamame that I ended up making them all!  Everyone that was in the Legacy House.  Maybe I will post them all in a follow up post.  They Sims do get better, I had an easier time with the controls and knowing how to get what I wanted (for the most part) by the time I got to Generation 3 and beyond.

The Good

INTERFACE: The interface is really straight forward and easy to use.  I love the new menu trees (or filters).  Instead of scrolling through the entire bottoms section for a short skirt all I need to do is click that button and BAM all short skirts!  Love that!

BODY/FACE: For the most part editing the body and face a good.  There were sometimes when I felt I could not get the look just right or it seemed the target wasn’t moving at all.  I kept trying to push the mouse button harder or move the mouse faster.  (Like that’s going to help.)

ACCESSORIES: Necklaces and hats are now accessories which is wonderfulfantastic! 

WALKS: I love that there are new walk options.  I don’t see myself using all the options.  I really like the default, feminine, tough, and swagger walks.

FOOT SLIDER: A neat idea, but I can see myself forgetting to use it.

The Bad

HAIR: The hair is very Legoesque.  Some people like it, I don’t really.  I really with the stuff had some depth and movement! 

MAKEUP: There are a nice number of eye shadow options this time around.  There are two options for blush and only two for the lipstick (a matte and a gloss).  I hate not being able to control the opacity of these.  I think EA missed the mark here.  Makeup was one thing that I had A LOT of CC downloaded for.  I don’t think that all Sims need to look like they put their makeup on in a dark room or with a spackle knife.  Makeup is a great way to fine tune your Sim’s look and I sorely missed being able to customize the makeup options.  There are numerous eyeliner options, but I only liked 2 or 3 of these.  I like for my Sims to have a more natural look. 

EYES: A number of preset eye colors none of which I was really impressed with.  They were too bright or too flat or too bright and flat.  They have no depth.

The Ugly

CREATE-A-STYLE: The lack of the CAST and color wheel is unfortunate.  Really, why would they take these things from us when it’s one of the greatest things they gave us in The Sims 3?  (That and Story Progression, but I don’t want to start that snowball rolling, because that is just upsetting.)  Choosing an outfit felt like an absolute hassle because I had no control over the final look.  Honestly, this was the most disappointing aspect of the demo.  And it has me seriously thinking twice about buying Sims 4 when it is released.

SKIN TONES: These are absolutely horrid.  HORRID!!!  Dark skin tones appear flat and ashy instead of rich and warm.  The rosy skin tones are too red, some appear nearly sunburnt.  Yellow skin tones are too yellow like the Sim may have jaundice. 

EYELASHES: NO!  Just NO!  They are like thick black blades on the Sim’s eyes.  Blink carefully Sims or you might cut your own eye out!  Eyelashes are hairs not flaps, couldn’t they have tried to make them spikey or feathery?  Or maybe give us an eyelash slider?  They appearance of they eyelashes is what I would have like in an eyeliner option.  It’s nice when I have makeup on my Sim, but when I remove the makeup it still looks like she’s wearing eyeliner.  Do not like.

The Verdict

All in all I think there are some really great things in this demo (hats, necklaces, body and face editing), but it’s also lacking in some areas in a major way.  I wouldn’t call this Sims 4 because it doesn’t have everything from Sims 3 and more.  I would call it…  Sims 2 Plus.  I feel like they took a step backward and then a half step forward.  Sims 2 Plus coming this September…maybe.  I bet there will be a delay, there usually is.

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Sims 4 CAS Demo

I received the Sims 4 CAS demo. If there are people interested I was thinking of posting a review. Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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A New Food Legacy Update!!!!


Candi: Say whaaaaaa?

It’s true.  There is a new Food Family Legacy update for your reading pleasure!  Chapter 101: 12 Hours is a Long Time

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Has it Really Been That Long?

Well, it’s been a year since I’ve had time to play and update about my Sims.  My computer stopped responding and it had to me reformatted.  The thought of downloading and re-installing all of my Sims 3 games and store content was very daunting.  I’ve only just now started it and it has taken me all. freaking. day!  I still don’t know if I have my Food Legacy.  I hope I do, if not I will see what I can do about a prior save.  I’m not going to bother with downloading all of the CC I had again; I’m just going to use the Nraas mods and be happy with store content (mayyyyyyybeeeeee?).  Anyway this has been my public service announcement to those that subscribe to this blog:  Watch your email for a Food Family update in the near future.

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Food Update


Another Food update!  Chapter 100: Centennial.

In this update Kix goes to prom.  Honey is still hounding Mango.  Someone else has a run in with the Cow Plant. 

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Food Update


Another Food update for your reading pleasure!  Chapter 99: Almost 100.

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The Testys in the Fall

So sorry this too AGES to get out!  It took AGES to play!  But now that school is out I should (hopefully) have more time to play and update more quickly.  But as always no promises!

Summer was a busy season for the Testy family.  Pets were taken away, a lot of summery things were tested, though I did miss a lot due to the COMPLETE AND TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF MY TOWN!  Just kidding not really.  It was just the zombie infestation…  The zombie infestation that took over the town and took two beloved family members from us.  Rosie and Gaylord Testy.  They will be missed.  Ok, Rosie was taken by her own hand when she used a curse that should never have been uttered, but she was a zombie when she died.  *silently cries*  Again, they will be missed.  At least Phil has found someone new to raise his young children and to make him dinner at night (Dori Hart).  Gaylord’s absence however, will be felt by everyone in the house.

Wow, that was depressing.  I’m actually really glad that I am done with the Summer test because The Sims have always had Summer and I felt like there really wasn’t much going on.  Oh who am I kidding!  I’m just happy the zombie infestation is over because I disabled Vector Mod and now game play will be fun again hopefully.  

And now I present to you Synchronized Plunging!  It’s the latest in household water sports.





And now back to our regularly scheduled chapter.


As I opened the game I was greeted with the grieving widow of the late Gaylord Testy.

Betty Testy:  Why.  Why!  WHY!


As always Celia was full of compassion.

Celia Testy: You know, this is all your fault. 


Even though the family now employs a man-maid Granny felt that she needed to clean the entire house at 3 in the morning.

Granny Testy: I have to clean it.  I have to clean all of it.  I have to make it clean.


Big Ol’ Testy forgot he had to use the toilet and failed to get there in time.  Making him doubly angry over Gaylord’s death.


O.0  I don’t know what is going on in this picture!  Children cover your eyes!

Big Ol’ Testy: What the– Mother!


What ever it was, Big Ol’ Testy seemed happy about it.


Cake and a crying baby?  This can only mean one thing…BIRTHDAY TIME!


Betty went first.  Yeah, prom was coming and I was going to change her age so she and Gay could go together.  But Gaylord decided to kick the bucket, so what was the point now?


Everyone cheered!  Everyone but Celia, that is.

Celia Testy: Hrmph…


Granny stared daggers at Celia until she started cheering with everyone else.

Granny Testy: I…Will…Choke…You…

Celia Testy: Um, yay!  Happy Birthday!


Tada, an adult Betty after her makeover!

Betty Testy: I chose this shirt because the bleeding rose reminds me of my raw bleeding heart.

That’s a little dark, but okay.


Next up was Somer’s turn.  Celia got the stink-eye from Granny right away.

Granny Testy: I… Will… Cut… You…

Celia Testy: *starts clapping*


This bowl of pancakes on Harry’s hand has become incredibly irritating!  I tried resetting him, having him shower and change clothes.  Nothing.

Somer Testy: Eww, bowl!

Celia Testy: *Cheers for Harry hoping he will become an elder and die soon*


Celia Testy: I’m going to blow this thing in your ear, old man.

Harry Testy: Let’s blow out the candles, Somer.

Somer Testy: Oww, the bowl hurts!


Somer and Betty’s birthdays were happy events.  But Betty could find no joy because Gaylord was gone.

Betty Testy: Gay is missing his daughters birthday.  *cries*


Let the aging begin!

Somer Testy: Yeah, sparkle time!


Hurray, she’s a beautiful child!


Something has gone wrong.


Something has gone tragically wrong.  Her cheeks are eating her face! 


Oh, wait. never mind, everything alright.  She’s derpy, but so is Peter.

Somer Testy: I think I can see my eyebrows.

Harry’s Butt: As long as I live I WILL NEVER WEAR PANTS AGAIN!


Peter, who was on his way to school.  Could not find the bus, because is was parked half way down the hill!  Really?!

Peter Testy: Lotta?  Lotta, where are you?  I need help getting to the bus.

Poor Peter, he’s never realized that Lotta and the cats were taken away.


Instead Peter decided to take a cab to school.  I totally thought he was going to take the cab to the bus and get out to ride the bus to school.  That would have been funny, frustrating, but funny.  It like running all the way to the hospital and then just when you finally reach said hospital you get in a cab and have it drive you right through the doors.  But I’m not pointing fingers at anyone…  Betty!


Peter arrived at school to see that Michael Bachelor is still a zombie.  And I don’t know what happed to the poor kid in front of him.  I just hope that’s a fashion choice and not a medical issue.


Alvie What’s-His-Face is also still a zombie.  Looks like Vector Mod has some lingering effects.  I tried resetting them, but they remained zombies.


Back at home Betty wet her pants.

Betty’s Right Eye:  Psst, hey, Lefty.

Betty’s Let Eye: *sings* Ignoring you!


Somer Testy: Gross, Mom.  Babies do that!

Big Ol’ Testy: Gaylord would have been ashamed of you for what you just did.


Nude Harry: No biggy to me.  I’m just going to eat my cake slice.


Nude Harry: *tries to eat* Wait, where did this bowl come from and why can’t I eat my cake?


As Harry tried to eat his cake and failed.  Somer rolled wishes for planters.

Somer Testy: Hey, Granny, I did a good thing wishing for planters, didn’t I?

Granny Testy: Not now, Somer.


Somer Testy: Yeah, that’s a really good thing I did.

Granny Testy: *sigh*


Harry Testy: Hello, Operator.  I need the number for 911.  I have a bowl stuck on my hand and I am about to FREAK OUT!

It was at this point when I accidentally clicked on the bowl and I saw the option to “continue cooking.”  BRILLIANT! 


Granny decided to have a Feast Party.  To prep I had everyone carve a pumpkin.

Betty Testy: Boohoohoo!  Gaylord would have enjoyed this!

Granny Testy: Don’t cut yourself, Father.

Big Ol’ Testy: I know how to use a knife, Mother!


Betty carved a traditional pumpkin.


I tried to have Somer carve a silly faced pumpkin, but it was a fail.


Granny carved a cat pumpkin.  I know, big surprise!


Big Ol’ Testy carved a ghost.  He named it Gaylord.


On my second attempt I had Harry carve a silly faced pumpkin.  This one turned out better.


And Celia carved the evil pumpkin.

I placed them all in the front yard to great the guest as they arrived.


I tried to invite Junior’s biological father to the party, but it appears that he and his mother were taken during the zombie plague.  I wonder if the truth of his parentage will ever come out?


Big Ol’ Testy raked the front yard to make it look nice before the guests arrived.  Too bad it took him AGES to do it!


Corrie Guerra was invited to the party.  Granny thought it might be a good thing to just invite her in case Togdor had one of his episodes.  (Because Corrie is such a giant help in that department!)  Anyway, she brought some cheese steaks with her.  Which was so considerate of her.  Most of the family just barely survived the zombie apocalypse and now Corrie is going to feed them artery clogging cholesterol sandwiches.  Delicious. 


After dropping her cheese steaks down on the counter Corrie sought out the company of Harry.  And followed him around the house like a shadow.

Corrie Guerra: I don’t think I’m in the mood for cheese steaks anymore.  *licks lips*

Harry Testy: *feels violated*


Phil Ahol showed up to the party with Sandi French.  Clearly they are both still zombies, but not actually zombies.  And clearly I regret using Vector Mod, because it was too great a mod for my game.  You win Vector Mod; I lose. 

Big Ol’ Testy: *grumbles*  …raking leaves.  Why do trees even have leaves in the first place if they’re just going to fall off, dammit!


Then the funniest thing happened.  Phil bent down and picked up this plate of calzones from the ground!!!

Phil Ahol: Hoogra, eh hmmmg yerm.

Translation: Yeah, these look alright.

Big Ol’ Testy: *grumbles more about the leaves*


Then Sandi and Phil got into a little spat over the calzones.

Sandi French: Euwah, gew rahf erbere.

Translation: Hey, give those here.

Phil Ahol: Oojah wussg mmmig durg biurguff.

Translation: Touch them and die again.


After the confrontation Sandi left.  I guess we know who the alpha-zombie is. 


Too bad, she was my backup in case things with Lisa Bunch didn’t turn out.


Meanwhile, Peter was feverishly sending Lisa love texts trying to repair their damaged relationship.  Which took a giant blow during the Summer when Lisa was rezombified just before coming over to the Testys’ house.  If you remember I refused to let her into the house on accounts of her rotting flesh disease.

Lisa Bunch: What?  What does this text say?  Did a blind person type this?


Lisa Bunch: *guffaws*  This must be from Peter Testy!

Lisa Bunch seems to have a mean streak.


She actually came to the party though.  Which was a success in that sims actually showed up.  But it was full of a bunch of Debbie Downers.

Phil Ahol: My wife is dead!

Betty Testy: My husband is dead!


Granny made grilled cheeses because I couldn’t get her to make a turkey for some reason.  Perhaps I never had her read the recipe?  Anyway, Granny ruined this perfect, perrrrrrfect feast party because she couldn’t cook the damn bird!  Thanks, Granny!

Harry Testy: No turkey?  I’ll just sit on the couch and watch some Home Shopping Network.  Maybe I can buy a turkey.

Betty Testy: Uhhhhh, I am so tired of grilled cheese!

Junior Clavell Testy: *looks for crumbs because the family forgot to feed him*

Granny Testy: Somer, do you mind!

Lisa Bunch: Jeez that kid is a freak!


Lisa’s assessment of Somer just might be true.  Somer decided to cannibalize Granny. 

Somer Testy: There’s plenty of food on the table, but no turkey.  So, I’ll just eat Great-Grandma instead!


Harry decided that he was in fact hungry enough to eat a grilled cheese and drove it through his grand-daughter’s head.

Somer Testy: This party is a pain.


Peter used the moodlet manager on Lisa and cured her of her rotting flesh problem.

Lisa Bunch: Maybe we can hangout together after all.

She left right after.  Probably on the prowl for a new man.


Then Peter decided to cure Phil.  Right after being cured Phil decided he needed to go home.  Probably needed to get home to that new girlfriend of his, Dori Hart.  That skank, Rosie dies and  she moves right in like a vulture!

Big Ol’ Testy: Tastes like melted plastic between two slices of cardboard.  Meh, I’ve had worse.


And I totally forgot didn’t care that it was also Junior’s birthday.


He grew up with loser locked in, making him an insane, artistic loser.  So appropriate.

Junior Clavell Testy: Hey, ladiesth…

Great, apparently he inherited his father’s “player” trait too.  (He also has a lisp.)


He derped for so long that I actually thought his eyes were going to stay like that.  How awesome would that have been?

Junior Clavell Testy: Hey, guysth?  I can’t sthop doing thisth.  Guysth?  Can sthomeone justh sthmack the back of my head really hard?  I think I’m sthuck.

Granny ran right over to help him out.  A week later when he finally came to his eyes were back to normal.


Peter Testy: I can not get to the leaf pile!  Can someone help me get to the leaf pile!

(By the way; the placement of those leaves is awesome!)

Granny Testy: *tosses leaves to Peter* You’re at the pile, Peter.  Have some fun!

Somer Testy: *runs through leaves*



Granny surprised me when she suddenly jumped into the leaf pile.  She broke a hip, but from the look on her face it was all worth it.

Granny Testy: No, I’m not getting up.  I’ll just sleep here tonight.


This is the Junior blob, before his makeover.


Here he is after (in his formalwear).  That’s kind of a pained look on his face.  Like, he’s possibly going to be passing a kidney stone or something.


And Phil, as he was leaving decides to tell the family just how lame their turkey-free party was.  Thanks, jerk, we already know!


Dustin Langerak forgot that he wasn’t really a zombie anymore and tried to attack Granny.

Granny Testy: First Somer and now you?  I promise I will make a turkey next year!


Granny’s sonic scream saved her from the imposter zombie.


Then she got angry.  How dare these people hate on her grilled cheese!


Finally the party was over and it was time for the children to go to bed.  I forgot to buy Somer a new bed so she borrowed Peter’s. 

Somer: Yes, I suckered Grandpa into reading me a story.


Harry Testy: WAAAAAA!  I used to read Gaylord stories!

Somer Testy:  WTH!  I’m tired and this bedtime story isn’t going to read itself!


In the next room Corrie pretended to brush her teeth.

Corrie Guerra: Mmm hmmmm mmmm.  This is great toothpaste.


By this time the rain really started to come down.  A true thunder storm, with loud thunder and lighting like ones I remember when I lived in Michigan *hugs game*.  They think they get rain storms here in Southern California, but they don’t.  I can honestly say that Seasons is my favorite expansion pack, hands down!


It’s 3:00 in the morning and Corrie (the amazing firefighting woman) is playing on a computer that does not belong to her!  AND there are two sleeping sims in this room!  RUDE!


One other sim is awake in the house and that is Junior.  He’s been up doing Somer’s homework for me.  He doesn’t look too happy about it.  He’s also forced to share his older brother Peter’s room which means he also has a pirate bed.  Pirates are awesome!

Junior Clavell Testy: Come on Sthomer!  14 timesth 2 doesth not equal sthixthteen!  DUH!


At 5:30 AM Corrie finally decided that she’d overstayed her welcome and ran home.  News Flash: You overstayed your welcome FIVE HOURS AGO!!!!


The next morning was Betty’s graduation.  It also happened to be the day for the Fall Festival so the family will stop by there after.  Also, Betty looks odd in this picture; must be the hair.

Betty Testy: Finally!  After this I’m getting a job and Somer and I will move out.

Aww, isn’t that cute.  She thinks she has a say in her future.  Uh NO!


Everyone (except Junior) piled into the car.  It was decided that Betty would drive because this was her special day.  The family would come to regret this decision.


Junior was still in the house sleeping.  I had the family leave him there to sleep.  He may as well get used to being treated like baggage right now.

Junior Clavell Testy:  *dreaming* Sthtupid Sthomer.  Nextht time do your own homework!


The drive down the road to City Hall was fine, until Betty had to make a right turn.  Thankfully no one was on the sidewalk trying to cross the street or the family van would have a new hood ornament! 


Betty Testy: Wait, what?  What way do I turn?!?!?!!?

Celia Testy: *yanks on the steering wheel* THIS WAY!

Betty slammed on the brakes and everyone hurriedly evacuated the van.


For the safety of the town Betty decided to park the van where they stopped.  And I just realized that Celia’s clothing choice for her daughter in-law’s graduation is questionable. 


And look at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!one  As the family was walking up to City Hall, they were splashing!  SPLASHING!!!!!!!!  *hugs game*  *loves game*  *asks game to marry her*  *has wedding*


Look, it’s Tammara Donner or Tom for those of you that have read my Family Man Challenge (Wilde Oates).  I tried to have Peter heal her, but she zombie-walked into the building too fast.  I’ve decided that healing the town is beyond the abilities of a blind Peter.


Then the Zombie-Mayor, Vita Alto walked up.  She’s giving the commencement speech.  She is crushing hard on Harry!

Vita Alto: *girlish giggles*


Celia Testy: Keep your decaying hands off my husband.

Vita Alto: Gergrim murrrgurrrr herumbg.

Translation: —

Ohhh, you know what.  I better not translate that, I don’t allow my children to use that kind of language.  Let’s just say that Vita said, “Shut up or I’ll have your intestines with a side salad you blond floozy.”  Yeah, that’s a more PC way of putting it…


Vita Alto: *zombie growls and walks away*

Celia Testy: *rolls eyes* H8U!


During Betty’s graduation I get one of these notifications for both Peter and Somer.  I freaked out thinking they were going to get grounded.  I tried sending them to school, but with the Graduation/Festival in town school wasn’t in session? 

Dear EA, How about we disable those notifications when there is no school and save some players the freak out!


Harry had this opportunity show up.  But guess what?  School was NOT IN SESSION!!!!!!!!  Also, who wants Harry teaching a logic class?  He ended up going to it because the rest of the town’s children had school.  Anyone know why that is?  I’m guessing the graduation.

90 Betty’s graduation was over!  You can tell because I received the notification above.


You can also tell because the side panel was mostly yellow from hunger.  Harry of course continues to live in his green colored bubble, seeing the world through rose green colored glasses.

After Betty threw her diploma in the air like it was junk mail; I sent then all to the park for the Fall Festival.


Peter woke and I sent him to the park to join the family.  I’m guessing when he woke up and discovered he was alone he had a Home Alone moment.


What do you know Junior and Macaulay Culkin actually look similar.  What does this say for Junior’s future?  Probably nothing, Junior’s not a child-star.


As he was leaving City Hall Peter literally ran into Kaylynn Langerak.  I don’t know, I guess he couldn’t see…



After he healed her with the Moodlet Manager hearts flew everywhere! 

Kaylynn Langerak: OHHH!  I see it now, you’re the love of my life!

Peter Testy: From what I hear, you’re not too bad yourself.

Junior Clavell Testy: Sthouldn’t I have gone to the park and not Cthity Hall?

*sigh* If Junior keeps behaving like this it won’t be hard for everyone to believe that Harry is his father.


The family decided to let Betty drive them to the park for the Fall Festival.  Yes, the park the was across the street from City Hall.

Celia Testy: Quick!  Go, he’s not looking!

Betty Testy: *steps on the gas*  What, who?

Celia Testy: GO, GO, GO!

Betty Testy: I’m going!  I’m going!


They left Big Ol’ Testy at City Hall.

Big Ol’ Testy: That’s my van!

I don’t think Betty will be driving the van again.


It took three hours, but finally the family made it to the park where the festival was.  They got lost three times on the way there! 

Celia Testy: Well, look you can see City Hall from here.  We could have walked here from there; it was just around the block!

No, it was right across the street!  You should have WALKED ACROSS THE STREET!


Granny Testy: *realizes Big Ol’ Testy isn’t there* Where’s Father?  (Refer to red circle above.)


Big Ol’ Testy was resigned to walking all the way to the park (even though he uses a cane).  But first he had to check his GPS and make sure he knew the way there.

Big Ol’ Testy: *grumbles* Dagnabit, can’t get this thing to work.

ARGH!  Put your phone down and look across the STREEEEEEEEEEEEEET!  Seriously, I thought Peter was the one that had vision problems.  Perhaps it’s time to have Big Ol’ Testy’s eyes checked. 


Once the family smelled the festival food it was all out madness.  Celia Testy nearly shoved her blind child to the ground in an attempt to be the first one in line at the apple bobbing thing.


Granny Testy: Now, Peter, there is no cheating.  The police are watching.

Peter Testy: Oh, no , Granny.  I’d never cheat. 

How could Peter cheat at apple bobbing if he even wanted to?


While the family bobbed for apples Big Ol’ Testy continued his pilgrimage to the nearest bench.

Big Ol’ Testy: *grumbles* …not half as old as I feel…damn hip…


And as I scanned the town what should I notice?  Dead man walking!  Xander was apparently broken in the process of expiring, but Death forgot to come.  Perhaps he was trying to collect Frittata Food from my Legacy again?  Whatever, Xander Clavell is the Dr. Doolittle of Riverview.  The cats were meowing in sync; it was irritating.  They would not stop!  Do to his current situation (expiring), Xander was unclickable. 

Kid I don’t know: Dude, just die already!


Hah!  Did anyone not see this coming?  I mean, she’s got a bad reputation for a reason, right?

It was at this time that I patched my game with the new patch (1.55).  Upon entering my game I noticed the game was actually paused!  Thank you for fixing that! 


I also decided to check on Xander and his unfortunate situation.  He was still on the sidewalk, but this time I was able to click on him.  Then I checked Junior’s family tree and Xander was shown as living!!!  Looks like someone got a second chance at life and possibly Celia.  We shall see how this plays out!

But really, if anyone was going to be given a second chance it should have been Gaylord!


Side Note: This cat is truly messed up.

Striped Cat: Doctor, can you do anything about my eyes?


Back at the festival Betty and Somer had a greeting card picture taken.  I had planned to have Betty and Gaylord get greeting cards for every season, but…


Peter went in for another face painting.  This they painted his face the way he wanted it.  Jack Sparrow!

Too bad he doesn’t really know what Jack Sparrow looks like.


When Harry was finished teaching his logic I sent him to the pie eating table. 

Peter Testy: This is the picnic table right?  Are we going to have lunch now?  I smell pie.

Junior Clavell Testy: Can we get thisth show on the road?  I’m stharving!


Junior Clavell Testy: Let’sth get this show on the road! I can’t hold mysthelf back much longer!

Peter Testy: *eyes widen for emphasis* Dragons.  Are.  Cool!

Lady in the candy dress: Someone is going to die.


And then it was munch time!  Junior was the first one to raise his head from the plate. 



On second thought it looks like Peter may have some flesh eating virus or some sort of Black Plague on his face.

Junior Clavell Testy: *panting* Yesth, Mother.


Oh no, it’s spreading!

Lady in candy dress: *screams*  My face!  My face one, face!!!!!





Then suddenly it was over, Peter won and everyone could stop eating the disease pies.  After winning Peter ran off to prom without changing into his formal clothes or washing his face.



Here he is walking into the school looking like he cannibalized someone.  As he walked into the gymnasium someone started playing the music from the movie Carrie.


Unimpressed with the night’s events, Big Ol’ Testy went home and stared at the leaf pile.  Let’s see how that prom thing is going for Peter.

122  123 Unfortunately for Peter the prom’s theme was not Under the Sea, but something like Enchanted Woodland.  But no one is going to argue with the kid that has an unidentified substance all over his face.

124 Sounds like something Lisa Bunch would do.125 Unless that three-eye llama is painted behind Peter’s eyelids I don’t think he really saw it.

126  127

Poor Peter.  He really needs a big brother to look out for him.  *cries*


And before I forget, this is the new greeting card.  Cute, but I wish they were interacting more. 


When Peter got home he couldn’t wait to tell the family how awesome prom was.

Peter Testy: Oh, em, gee, Granny!  Prom was *sings like Barney Stinson* awesome!

Granny Testy: That’s nice, Peter.  Now it’s time for bed.

Peter Testy: OK.  Lotta!  Come help me to my room.  Lotta?  Why doesn’t she come anymore!

*sigh*  You would think Peter would have learned by now.


After the rest of the family was in their beds Granny thought she saw the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).  She went outside into the rain and stared at the sky.


Granny: Ohhh….  Ahhh…


And then OUT OF NO WHERE Granny was hit by a speeding taxi. 

Granny: Ow, hey!  In the road here!

Granny didn’t have time to get the taxi’s license plate number…


…because she was immediately hit by an orange SUV!  It didn’t stop there!


The lights in the sky soon revealed themselves to be a UFO!  (Is it a UFO or an UFO?)

Granny: Ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo!

Granny, put those knees together!


While Granny was off on her date this guy showed up.

This Guy: Hey look, rain!


This Guy: I wonder what it tastes like.


This Guy: *tongue sticking out noises*



Gaylord also blessed us with his presence.


Granny was finally returned in one piece.

Alien: Tell anyone about this and I will probe you like a kabob.

Yowza, that alien means business!


Granny: *stunned to silence*

Granny went into the house and went right to bed.  Vowing to tell no one of her abduction.


Later when Celia woke and was getting ready for work (she likes to use Granny and Big Ol’ Testys’ bathroom because it’s the cleanest) she was irritated to see her dead son haunting it.

Celia Testy: Great!  Do you have to come back now?  I kinda need to get ready for work.


Gaylord asked her for a sandwich.

Celia Testy: Riiiiight.  When have I ever made you a sandwich in your life?  I’m certainly not going to start now.

Ever the loving mother.


And a quick side note: I noticed the water in the pool has drips and splashes when it rains!  *hugs game*


Sorry about the walls down here, I couldn’t get this shot with them up.  Junior was having trouble leaving the bathroom due to Somer blocking the door.

Junior Clavell Testy: Sthomer!  Get out of the bathroom!

Somer Testy: First take my pants off.  And don’t wear them again.

Junior Clavell Testy: Uh!  STHOMER!  I am not taking my pantsth off!

Somer Testy: They are MY pants and you WILL take them off!


Junior Clavell Testy: *takes off pants* Here, take your pantsth and go!


Junior Clavell Testy: GOOOOOOOOO!


Betty Testy: *tired sigh*  Somer, leave your uncle alone when he’s in the bathroom!  And Junior, don’t wear your niece’s clothing!

Junior Clavell Testy: That’sth right.  Listhen to your mom and go.

Somer Testy: Say it, don’t spray it!


As soon as Somer closed the bathroom door Junior transformed into this monster.  No wonder he wanted her out of the room so badly!  I’ve really go to go through that CC.  *is lazy*


Gay and Betty tried having a convo, but things aren’t the same for them since she aged to an adult.  And he’s a total ghost and all.  Anyway Betty asked Gay how he died, which I never knew was an option!

150 Haunting Curse, that’s what they’re calling it these days. 


Then the conversation was over and he went to haunt some uneaten food.


The ran off to school

Somer Testy: Good, he’s not sitting by us.

Peter Testy: Who?  And where’s Lotta?  I tripped getting on the bus.

Somer Testy: Junior tripped you, I saw it.

But really it was Somer that tripped Peter. 

Peter Testy: *plots revenge*


Junior Clavell Testy: *has no clue*

Ignorance is bliss, or is it?


As the kids were headed into the school I noticed the trees were starting the loose their leaves.  *hugs game*  I really love love LOVE the Season expansion.  Best evah!


Back at home Big Ol’ Testy wasn’t feeling so well.

Big Ol’ Testy: Ohhh.  What did I eat?


Big Ol’ Testy:  Maybe it was the floating leftovers.  Never again.

Big Ol’ Testy spent the rest of the day on the toilet.  He deserves it for eating Gaylord!

Some interesting things came in the mail.


Dustin is just leading Celia on because he wants her to grade his papers.  Lazy jerk.


Adam Andreasen is the backup firefighter.  What is with these firefighters.  Celia will write both Dustin and Adam back because she’s a sure thing.


I’m thinking Bryan Yazzle and   Adam Andreasen are friends and they wrote these letters together.  These letters are awkwardly similar.


Big Ol’ Testy still isn’t feeling himself.  He destroyed one of the family’s pumpkins! 

Big Ol’ Testy: GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!! 


Later, the family came to watch Betty play her guitar.  They’d all rather be at the pool though.  Big Ol’ Testy still looks to be in a foul mood.

Big Ol’ Testy: You call that music?  *grumbles* I need to go find my Bee Gees cassette tapes. 

161 Peter snuck out into the living room to pull a prank on Junior.  He got caught.  After Harry was through with him Big Ol’ Testy was ready to tear into him too.


I didn’t get the shot of Peter pulling the prank off because I wasn’t paying attention. 

Harry Testy: What is wrong with you?  I can’t believe you would do something thing like this to your little brother!

Peter Testy: But, Dad, Junior tripped me on the way to the

Somer Testy: *chokes*


Big Ol’ Testy: *stretch, yawn* Don’t take all night.  I need to get myself to bed soon.

Somer Testy: *eats*

Peter Testy: But, but, but….

Harry Testy: TIME OUT!!!


Junior Clavell Testy: *snickers*

Harry Testy:  You think it’s funny?  You can go to time out too, young man. 

Poor Peter, I think his eye condition is getting worse.


Junior Clavell Testy:  Good job idiot.  Nextht time don’t listhen to Sthomer.

Peter Testy: *cries*

To make matters worse, Peter had brought home his friend from school, Malcolm Landgraab.

And while I was taking pics here I got the notification that Big Ol’ Testy won a trip and all the adults were going to go on a two day vacay!


They all left.  Harry and Big Ol’ Testy forgot Peter still had his face pressed to the window.  Peter couldn’t see them leave, but her heard.  Once the taxi left Peter set about his revenge.


Malcolm Landgraab: Dude, are you sure about that.  You just cried like a bitch over there.


Peter Testy: Shut up, I’ve got to do this before that little punk goes to bed.  Lotta, come here and help me!

Somer Testy: Oh, hellooooooo.

Malcolm Landgraab: Who, me?


Then Junior sat on the couch and loud farting sound happened.

Peter Testy: *laughs* Totally worth it!

Malcolm Landgraab and Somer Testy: *person person plus*


Junior Clavell Testy: Sthoooooo mature!


Malcolm Landgraab: *laughs*  That was awesome!

Somer Testy: *laughs* OMG, you’re so cute.


After that Malcolm suddenly had to run home.

Malcolm Landgraab: Oh snap!  I gots ta go!  Laters.


The next day after school Peter threw a teen party, but it was so boring that even I was bored!  The only thing that really happened at the party was Junior’s friend coming out to play.

174 I don’t know that I can agree that the party was a modest success.  B-O-R-I-N-G!  It was so boring that my game rejected it and crashed right after!  I had to do it all over AGAIN!  And let me tell you, it wasn’t any better the second time around.


This time during school Junior’s loser trait was rearing its head.


This time I invested in a karaoke machine, but Somer hogged it all night.



At one point Somer did leave the karaoke machine to plant pranks in all the available seating.

Somer Testy: *sinister laugh* This will be great.  Peter will think Junior did it and Junior will think Peter did it.

Junior Clavell Testy: Oh, this isth a really big sthereo.  Thosth sthpeakersth are asth tall asth me or bigger!


Apparently the pizza was too hot to handle.  This pizza delivery woman placed it on the ground right in front of the door.

Peter Testy: Where’s the pizza?  I smell it, but I don’t see it?  LOTTA!  Did you eat the pizza?

Pizza Delivery Woman: *is bored* That’ll be $40.00.  If you move out of the way, I can kick it through the door for you; but I’m not going to pick it up again.


This was my WTH moment during this game play session.


This was a refreshing change.


Peter Testy: Hurry up!  The adults are on their way back.  We have to clean up!

Bella Bachelor: Oh crap!  *tries to put leaves back in pile*


As soon as the adults came home the first thing Betty did was let Peter off the hook.

Betty Testy: There, there.  I know we left in such a hurry that we didn’t let you out of time out.  That’s why we cam back so early. 

Meanwhile, Celia is over there plotting her next move.  She is PO’d that the vacation was cut short!

Celia Testy: Had I known there wouldn’t have been a real vacation I would have just gone to bed!


Once Betty was finished soothing Peter Celia came over and filleted him like a fish!

Celia Testy: Listen here you little, turd!  I’m not falling for this innocence ploy of yours.  You cost me my VACATION!


Celia Testy: ARRRRRGH!  I could just STRANGLE YOUUUUUUU!

Peter Testy: *backs away in fear*

Betty Testy: *is speechless*


Junior Clavell Testy: *sings* STHOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW!

Celia Testy: CAN IT!

Junior Clavell Testy: Yesth, Mother.


Outside the storm raged on.  I wish I could capture the thunder and lighting in this blog.  *hugs game*

190 The next day was Spooky Day!  I’ve been waiting for Trick or Treating!  But first everyone needs a costume!


Junior is a superhero or sthuperhero.

Junior Clavell Testy: Bye!  I’m off to sthave the world!

He’s wearing a helmet because all responsible superheroes should. 


Somer is wearing a pumpkin costume.


Granny went as Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians.


Celia is a geisha and Peter is either a pirate ninja or ninja pirate.  I can’t tell.

Celia Testy: Did you see your grandmother?  What a laugh.

Peter Testy: No, I can’t see anything.


Betty Testy: Dressed up for a speakeasy and Harry wore his old football uniform.


And Big Ol’ Testy went as Mr. Peanut.

Big Ol’ Testy: *grumbles about having to wear a spray-painted hotdog costume*

For some reason he wouldn’t use his cane with the costume on.  Totally ruined the look!


Everyone wanted to have a Feast Party so of course I invited Xander Clavell!

I was too lazy to get a pic of it, but when Xander arrived at the party he also invited Harry to his costume party.  The costume party that he was not at.

When Xander walked into the house everyone ran to him.  At first I thought it might have been some new celebrity thing.  But then Junior started sobbing and I noticed everyone else had mourn icons.  Uh oh!  Xander was going to die at the party on Spooky Day!

Xander Clavell: Yo kid.  Why you ain’t got your pants on?

Junior Clavell Testy: *cries*

198 So everyone in the house had one of these notifications pop up.  But Xander lives on!  Apparently he is the undead.


Then Xander caught sight of Betty.

Betty Testy: *walks by*

Xander Clavell: Yeah BOYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Junior Clavell Testy: WAAAAAAAAAA!

Mortimer Goth and Kaylynn Langerak: *stuck*


Celia Testy: *chokes*

201 Someone should gently break the news to Somer that Malcolm will never think of her that way.  He likes more mature women.


For some reason Xander thought it would be okay to shower in Granny and Big Ol’ Testy’s bathroom.  So inappropriate!  Get you and your Finding Nemo boxers back in the party!


Lisa Bunch parked in front of the fried turkey legs and became stuck.

Granny Testy: Are you going to move or do I have to move you?


Elwood Bunch reminded me of the cats that lived here once upon a time!  I don’t think Celia would make for a very tasty snack though.


I decided to send the kids off Trick or Treating before they also glitches.  Harry went with.

206 Perhaps sugar is not a smart idea…


Peter then took off down the road like a bat our of Hell! 

Somer Testy: Peter!  STOP!  Where are you going?  Can you see where you are going!?!

Peter Testy: Lotta went this way.  I have to catch up!


Harry Testy: Where did everyone go?

Junior Clavell Testy: I don’t know, but I still have my helmet on so I’m safe.


Oh, Xander, pretend like you weren’t just at the house dressed as a giant hotdog!


Somer Testy: *panting* Okay, we’re at the house.  Let’s go get some candy!

Peter Testy: Wait!  Do I have my costume on?


Somer Testy: Are you coming, Peter?

Peter Testy: Yeah, if I have my costume on.  I’m coming!

Junior Clavell Testy: *coughs* Oh no, I’m getting sick!  Maybe we should go home.

Harry Testy: Shut up before I smack you.  Now go get me some candy!


So they Trick or Treated at this house and this is what happened.

NOTHING!  No one was home!

213 LAME!  Maybe they will have better luck at the next house.


Before they get to the next house I get this notice.  Xander has had a busy night!  Coming to a party, throwing a party, dying/not dying and now having another baby!  I pooped just thinking about it!


On to the next house.

Junior Clavell Testy: I’ve got my helmet on; I am ready for candy!


Whoa!  That horse does not like pirates…or ninjas…possibly both.


And here is how Trick or Treating at this house went…  They waited…

Somer Testy: The porch light is on.  Someone should be here.

No one came to the door.  I’m getting really disappointed with this whole Trick or Treating thing!


Junior Clavell Testy: Do you think I can use their toilet?

Peter Testy: No one is there!  Stop wasting time, next house!

219 No kidding!

220 Perfect!  Junior passed his imagined disease on to Somer.


At the next house the door opened!  EXCITEMENT!

Harry Testy: Get up there, Junior!  The door is open!

Somer Testy: Come on!

Peter Testy: What tree?


Then the dog came outside to pee on the flowers.

No one else was home.   :/



Well, that’s nice, but I am trying to Trick or Treat and failing here!


Then we came to this house.

Harry Testy: There’s a car in the driveway, Peter! 

Peter Testy: *runs for the door*


It then starts to rain…

Somer Test: *sneezes* I don’t feel so well.


After Peter knocked on the door…it OPENED!!!

Peter Testy: YES!  Candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy!


Oh. look who it is.  Agnes just had Xander’s baby two houses ago.  I smiled as she came to the door.

Peter Testy: Candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy!

Agnes Crumplebottom: Where is that man?  Never showed up for his own party. Wasn’t there for the birth of his son!

Peter Testy: Candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy!


Then Agnes walked passed Peter, down the stairs and passed Somer and Junior.

Peter Testy: Hey, Hey, wait!

Somer Testy: Don’t leave us out here in the rain with nothing!


Then she got into her car…  Tears silently rolled down my face…




Peter’s powers of observation never fail.


This was the last house. The family huddled together under the umbrella to wait for the taxi.

And that is where I am going to leave this chapter.  Halloween is a lie in The Sims 3.  See you next time for the Winter test.  But first I will put out a couple Food Legacy updates.




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